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Meet 1st Source

1st Source is committed to understanding specific business needs to create a risk management program that blends insurance and other tactics to reduce employers cost of risk.

1st Source will work together with you to protect your people, property, and operations properly, using a range of programs from fully insured to alternate risk financing options, depending on the employer’s appetite for risk retention.

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Difference Card + 1st Source

Together we grow.

Together, we have achieved $3,381,572 in savings for 1st Source & Difference Card Clients.

By the numbers:

  • Serving clients together for 4 years
  • Our mutual client size ranges from 21 – 790 members
  • On average, we save 1st Source groups $2,193 per member
  • 1st Source groups can expect around $338,157 savings a year
  • We provide 1st Source groups with an average of 16% savings

Why we partner with 1st Source

We believe in the mission of our partners.

1st Source’s Mission: Your people are your best assets.

“We know because our colleagues are our best assets too. That is why we offer a variety of products and services to help with employee benefits. For more than 70 years, we have helped businesses protect their assets and income streams. We have also created benefit plans designed to attract and retain the best employees.”

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Become a Producer Partner

We only partner with the best brokers, general agents and producers in the business.

We work together to deliver outstanding savings and service to our mutual clients.

This has allowed us to continue to build on 20 years of success where we have driven savings for every client that has ever used The Difference Card.

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We help you stand out.

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Our team of highly trained Sales and Retention Consultants have been helping producers grow their businesses for the past twenty years.

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