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Better benefits for social workers.

The Difference Card has a long-standing relationship in working with non-profit organizations of all shapes and sizes including domestic needs, medical non-profits, international needs, youth organizations, environmental and animal causes, educational groups, health non-profits and cultural centers.

We help them create the BEST employee benefit plans for their employees, while often saving the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars that they can then put back into the non-profit or the community they serve.

Over the last 10 years, The Difference Card has saved non-profit organizations over $123 MILLION in healthcare expenses.

The average non-profit sees about 19% in savings annually, or around $2,712 per employee per year.

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How The Difference Card makes a difference for our non-profit clients

Helping those that help our communities

The Difference Card is honored to work with many non-profit organizations to help them improve benefits while reducing out-of-pocket costs for employees. We value the difference these non-profit groups make in their communities and are proud to serve them and their employees.

Total savings over 10 years $123,892,842
Average annual savings per non-profit organization $358,071
Average savings per employee per year $2,712
Average percent of savings per employee per year 19.1%


See how we saved one non-profit $1.2 MILLION

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What could your non-profit organization do with the savings achieved by The Difference Card program?

In 7 years with The Difference Card, we were able to save a Children & Family Services Organization over $7 MILLION.

With that, they were able to impact their community in the following ways:
  • 3,672 youths impacted by their education programs annually
  • 100% of the children in their Afterschool Programs graduate on time from elementary, middle, and high school
  • 10,997 – the number of people impacted by their Family & Community Wellbeing Programs
  • 100% of the families in their Family Connections program stayed together and avoided foster care placement
  • 2,928 total were impacted by their Youth Development Programs
Shot of a young father embracing his baby at home
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Non-profits can build custom health plans that offer rich benefits WITHOUT increasing employee contributions. This would create an increase in salary and take-home pay for social workers.

Better benefits help to attract top talent.

Providing a rich benefit plan with low copays and reasonable deductibles can be a great recruiting tool for non-profit organizations.

According to, the voluntary turnover rate for non-profit employees in 2022 was 19%, compared to 12% in the private sector. Thirty-two percent of non-profit employees cited benefits and pay as a reason for leaving.

In a report done by Clutch, 55% of all sector employees cited health coverage as the greatest driver of job satisfaction, followed by paid vacation (18%), overtime pay (11%) and retirement plans (10%)

Health benefits and health insurance coverage have proven to be a top benefit for retaining employees and attracting new talent.

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Increase salaries with The Difference Card

Health insurance premiums have been skyrocketing for everyone, and its especially hard to pass those costs onto employees that spend their careers helping people.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, licensed social workers make an average of just over $50,000.

Using The Difference Card Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan Designs, employers can build custom health plans that offer rich benefits while reducing employee contributions- thus increasing salary and take-home pay for social workers.

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Interested in how The Difference Card could work for your non-profit organization?

Organizations that prioritize healthcare benefits experienced 27% lower turnover.

The Difference Card offers non-profit organizations a competitive solution for attracting top talent and reducing employee turnover through our unique benefit plan designs.

Discover how The Difference Card can help your non-profit design a competitive health plan without increasing the cost for employers OR employees.

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