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The Difference Card

A unique solution using a Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan to take your healthcare saving to the next level.

The Difference Card specializes in administering Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans (MERP).

This IRS Section 105 Plan allows employers to establish a tax-free account from which members can access to help pay for qualified expenses associated with the underlying carrier medical plan.

The Difference Card MERP takes the Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) concept to the next level by providing more flexibility, security and customization.

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The Difference Guarantee

The Difference Guarantee is unlike anything currently in the marketplace.

The Difference Guarantee provides the desired solution for business owners, CFOs, and benefit professionals asking, “Can you guarantee we’ll save money using The Difference Card?”

Our answer is yes, with The Difference Guarantee!

The product provides a limit on the maximum claim liability for a group. It is a true cap on the claim costs funded through The Difference Card program. By limiting this exposure, we lock in savings for an organization.

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Difference Health Plan

A Self-Funded Health Insurance Solution for Mid-Sized Businesses 

Moving from a fully insured health plan to a self-funded one can be daunting. It’s intimidating to take on the risk of full claim exposure.  

With The Difference Health Plan, you get complete confidence that we will guide you or your client to the right self-funded plan design.  

The same level of dedication and knowledge that you have come to expect from The Difference Card will be present in every decision you make with The Difference Health Plan.  

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Healthy Difference Wellness Program

The Difference Card provides an all-in-one solution that enables employers to design an incentivized wellness program that reduces employee out-of-pocket medical expenses by rewarding participation in a Difference Card Wellness Program.

Our Wellness Program is designed to encourage healthy behaviors from employees who may not typically participate in a wellness program, for helping employees to drive down healthcare costs long term.

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