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What is The Difference Card?

The Difference Card is an employer funded benefit that goes hand-in-hand with your medical insurance provider. It works by paying portions of copays and deductibles you may incur through your health insurance.

How do I use my Difference Card?

You can swipe your Difference Card at any eligible doctors’ offices for your copays. You may also be able to use your Difference Card to pay for prescriptions at the pharmacy. Check your Difference Card Summary of Benefits for details.

What if my doctor doesn’t accept credit cards, or what if I forget to bring my Difference Card to my doctor appointment?

If you don’t have your card with you or if your doctor doesn’t accept credit cards, pay the entire copay in full and the Difference Card will reimburse you for your portion. Be sure to get a receipt from your doctor and submit that, along with a Reimbursement Form to the Difference Card.

What if my Difference Card is declined at the doctor’s office?

Make sure the card is being swiped for the correct amount.The amount allowed for each swipe is listed in the “YOU PAY” column of your Summary of Benefits. If you have any trouble when using your card, you can always call Difference Card Member Services at 888-343-2110 and they will be happy to assist you.

Can my dependent child under 18 have their own card?

In order to have a Difference Card, the dependent must be 18 years or older.

What do I do if my Difference Card is lost or stolen?

Call immediately to report your card lost or stolen or log in to your account to report your card lost or stolen. You can order a new card online!

How do I create my online account with The Difference Card?

To create your online account with The Difference Card, click Account Login then Member Login. If this is your first time logging into your account click First Time User or Register to begin.

Do I need separate accounts for my dependents?

Nope; we believe in simplicity: just one account.

How do I submit a claim for reimbursement?

You can submit a claim through our Claim Submission Portal found on our mobile app or website. Just snap a picture and upload your claim today! If you are mailing a claim in, make sure you include a claim form. Check out how to submit a claim.

How long do I have to wait to be reimbursed after submitting a claim?

We process 99% of claims in 2 business days. We will release the funds according to your plan and depending on if you have a check or direct deposit, you can expect to see the funds between 1-10 business days.

What documents are needed for claims submission?

In order for us to process a claim, we will request an Explanation of Benefits from your insurance carrier or if you do not have access to your Explanation of Benefits, we will also accept an itemized invoice. For any prescriptions, copays or FSA spent funds, you may submit receipts or invoices. For any DCA expenses, you will be required to fill out the DCA Reimbursement form and submit that.

Can I request to have my provider paid directly? If so, how do I do that?

Yes! You will need to submit your claim online and enter your provider’s information. We will issue a check directly to the provider’s office.

Am I required to submit claims?

Unless directed by your employer, to receive any reimbursement funds, you must submit claims.

How can I apply for Direct Deposit?

If Direct Deposit is available, you may sign up in your account on our mobile app or website. This can be done in your “Profile” section.

Can I pay for over the counter supplies with my Difference Card?

Over-the-counter medication is typically not covered by your employer funded benefit, but if you have an FSA you may purchase over the counter medication with your Difference Card.

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