The Difference Guarantee

The Difference Guarantee is unlike anything currently in the marketplace.

The Difference Guarantee provides the desired solution for business owners, CFOs, and benefit professionals asking, “Can you guarantee we’ll save money using The Difference Card?”

Our answer is yes, with The Difference Guarantee!

The product provides a limit on the maximum claim liability for a group. It is a true cap on the claim costs funded through The Difference Card program. By limiting this exposure, we lock in savings for an organization.

The innovative product was developed by our Actuary and Underwriters on The Difference Card Team, using our 20 years of proprietary utilization data gathered through building cost-efficient health plans.

Each proposal is evaluated to determine the maximum claim cap for a specific group. Any claims that exceed this threshold are covered by The Difference Guarantee, not the group! The product is financially secured through A rated insurance carriers.

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Our promise to you.

Brokers and consultants can bring our unique solution to the marketplace for their clients and prospects. We are able to mitigate the increase for challenging renewals, as well as win new business, for our broker partners who present The Difference Guarantee.

This provides financial stability and peace of mind for an employer or group, while allowing them to maintain the best benefits possible for their employees.

For years, companies have asked their trusted advisors and brokers to help lower healthcare costs and achieve a more economical plan structure, all without reducing employee benefits, without changing networks, and to do so with no risk.

We deliver on this request with The Difference Guarantee.

Monthly Cap Solution

The Monthly Cap Solution will provide Difference Guarantee customers with a fixed budget approach for their monthly cash flow. This is a good fit for non-profit and other budget sensitive organizations.


The Monthly Cap Solution protects each month of claims exposure for the client. The client establishes an initial claims balance, then replenishes that balance up to our cumulative cap.

Clients gain immediate access to their surplus- the amount not used to cover claims- while still limiting their annual claims exposure. Employers pay significantly lower fixed costs and only pay the claims incurred by their employees- up to the cap.



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