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The Difference Card Wellness Program

The Difference Card provides an all-in-one solution that enables employers to design an incentivized wellness program that reduces employee out-of-pocket medical expenses by rewarding participation in a Difference Card Wellness Program.

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Wellness Incentives

The Difference Card provides a platform for employees to complete the activities needed to receive the incentives, and administers the earned rewards upon completion.

The Difference Card will work with employers to build a wellness strategy that incentivizes participation with:

  • reduced deductibles
  • discounts on copays or
  • incentive based funding of Section 213 (d) eligible expenses

The Difference Card Wellness Philosophy

We care about your employee’s health and wellbeing and are dedicated to providing a wellness program that is equitable and accessible to all of our members. Clients can leverage wellness at no additional cost.

Our Wellness Team is focused on helping employees engage and achieve a holistic approach to overall health and wellbeing. We know that our wellbeing is so much more than our physical health, which is why we emphasize education to involve all dimensions of wellness: emotional, spiritual, occupational, social, and intellectual well-being.

Our Wellness Program is designed to encourage healthy behaviors from employees who may not typically participate in a wellness program, for helping employees to drive down healthcare costs long term.

What The Difference Card Wellness Program Can Do For You

Employers can create custom benefit plans that enable employers to reduce deductibles or copays when employees engage and participate in wellness activities.

Reward members and set goals with the following tools:

  • Personal Health Assessments: Members answer a brief questionnaire where they will answer questions on their nutrition status, physical activity, stress level, sleeping habits, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and more. The answers are then calculated and generated into a Wellness Score. Members use this score to see what they are doing well, and areas that may need some improvement. This is the beginning of my journey .
  • Set wellness goals and track progress: Now that the member has taken their Personal Health Assessment, they can start setting health goals and tracking their progress. Our proprietary technology allows for members to track their sleep, blood pressure, and weight status overtime. They can also log their daily food intakes along with physical activity.   Members are able to download reports where they can track their progress overtime and see real results. Measure your progress, see the results, feel the change.
  • Monthly live wellness webinars presented by the Wellness Team: Every month, the Wellness Team hosts an interactive  educational wellness webinar. All webinars are designed in-house, using evidence based research. Engage, learn, and take action.
  • Access to a vast library of health and wellness videos: We provide over 100 wellness videos in English and Spanish that cover topics from mental health, stress and nutrition to behavioral changes, physical activity, and more. Watch, listen, and learn.
  • Ability to sync fitness devices to incentivize healthy activity: We understand how hard it can be to find the time to move throughout the day.  This is why we offer the ability for our employers to incentivize steps to encourage movement and give members a reward in for participation. Keep on stepping!
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How to Create an Engaging Wellness Program

Healthy habits can be hard to stick by – we get that. This is why we incentivize our member’s healthy habits and provide them with rewards for doing so.  Members can earn a benefit based reward for completing our wellness program where they can earn a lower out of pocket cost for their deductible or copayments.

See the Success of Incentivizing Wellness

How our employer groups designed their wellness program and saw success through incentivized participation.

Case Study One: Incentivizing an Annual Physical

PROGRAM DESIGN: Employer-incentivized participation in a wellness program by incentivizing annual physicals. Good preventative care can help identify problems early, reducing the cost of treatment long term.

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REWARD: Employees who received their annual physical got $10 off future visits to physicians or specialists, a discount available at time of service.


  • In year one, 50% of employees participated
  • In year two, 80% of the employees participated

Case Study Two: Custom Wellness Engagement Strategies

PROGRAM DESIGN: Employer-incentivized Personal Health Assessment completion plus allowed employees to earn points by attending wellness education webinars, watching educational videos and participating in health screenings.

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REWARD: Employees who participated and met the point goal, received a 50% reduction in their deductible and a discount on copays.


  • In year one, 90% of employees participated.
  • In year two, 80% of employees participated in the program.

Read More of The Difference Card Case Studies

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