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Are you paying high fixed monthly premiums for a dental benefit that has a low annual benefit payout?


FACT: Dental Insurance results in billions of dollars wasted annually.

The average dental payout is only $362 per person annually, whereas the dental premiums are usually in excess of $600 per person per year. Forty percent of every dollar paid into dental insurance is lost.

Turn this waste into potential savings by utilizing the Dental Difference.

Nationally, companies spend over $62 billion dollars per year on dental insurance. $25 billion of those dental benefit dollars go directly to Dental Insurance carrier margins.

Instead of giving the insurance company high fixed dental premiums, utilize the Dental Difference and only pay for dental claims that are actually incurred by your employees. Only pay for what you need.

Watch the Video – Dental Insurance Myths: Dental Dialog with Dr. Dan.

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The Dental Insurance Problem

Common problems with dental insurance benefits


The Dental Benefits Solution

Chart showing the benefits of the Dental Difference plan

Improve your employee dental benefits with Dental Difference.


Are you tired of dental plans denying claims and downgrading services?

Limitations, exclusions, downgrades, inaccurate estimates – employees are tired of the lack of transparency and games played by Dental Insurance that increases their out-of-pocket costs!

Watch the Video – In Office Dental Plans: Dental Dialog with Dr. Dan.

The Dental Difference is designed to empower employees and provide top line dental benefits. Shift away from the limiting traditional 100% / 80% / 50% payout model to a streamlined 100% funding approach using the Dental Difference technology and only pay for what you need.

How Difference Card dental benefits work


Dental Discounts

Visit MyDentistMatch to find a provider in your area that offers dental discounts with an in-office plan.

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Price transparency and dentist reviews provided by MyDentistMatch. Find a dentist thats the perfect match for you.

Dental Difference Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my benefits at my current dentist?

Yes. Many people have great relationships with their current dentist and the great news is if you are one of these people, you can use your Dental Difference benefits at your current dentist! If your current dentist isn’t offering an in-office plan and you’d like for them to do so, you can refer them to us by following the instructions listed below (#3).

My dentist doesn’t take dental difference

The Dental Difference works like cash and is accepted by all dentists nationally. If your provider has a MasterCard terminal, ask them to swipe the card at the point of sale or enter the card number into the dental invoice. If your dentist does not accept credit cards, then pay with cash and submit the receipt in the Difference Card portal for reimbursement.

I don’t see my dentist listed on MyDentist Match. What can I do?

You can always refer a dentist to us by clicking the “Refer A Dentist” button. From there we can be sure we update their listing with current information and if they offer an in-office plan. 

My current dentist doesn’t offer an in-office plan and I DON’T want to switch dentists. What can I do?

No need to switch dentists, the Dental Difference works with all dental providers nationally. In-office plans benefit patients AND dentists. You can refer your dentist to us to learn more about in-office plans and how they can benefit you and them. Refer a dentist to us by clicking the “Refer A Dentist” button. From there we can be sure we update their listing with current information and if they offer an in-office plan. 

What is the difference between an in-office plan (IOP), dental discount plan (DDP) and dental insurance?

Let’s break it down:

  1. 1. In-office plans (IOP)

An IOP is an innovative approach to paying for dental treatment that saves both the patient and dentists money by eliminating costly 3rd parties and insurance companies. IOPs are usually offered directly by a dental office to you, the patient. There is no middleman insurance company or third party which allows the dentist to pass savings directly to you. IOPs allow you to only pay for what you need. 

Treatment savings are offered, and you can use your dental benefit dollars (HRA/HSA) to pay for treatment. Preventative care is usually included. Compared to traditional insurance and dental discount plans (DDP) where you pay for it whether you use it or not. 

There are no claim forms, waiting periods, and IOPs eliminate the hassles and confusion that comes with traditional insurance. 

2. Dental Discount Plans (DDP)

A DDP is usually offered by a 3rd party company or insurance company, not a dental office. Treatment savings are offered, and these plans may or may not include preventative care. Depending on the dental discount plan, you may be paying to access saving like a Costco or Sam’s Club membership. You can still use your dental benefit dollars (HAS/HRA) to pay for treatment. 

  1. 3. Traditional dental insurance

Offered by an insurance company. These are what most people think of when they think of dental benefits. These plans have not changed much in over 30 years, and they come with a host of limitations and exclusions like waiting periods, downgrades, and high out of pocket costs. What good are dental insurance benefits if one, you must wait to use them and two, you cannot access your full benefit dollars? 

You and/or your employer are paying for dental insurance whether it is needed or not. Claim forms and pre-authorizations can also complicate reimbursements.

My dentist doesn’t offer cash discounts

No problem, the Dental Difference works with all providers. Some providers will offer cash discounts, which allow you to stretch your Dental Difference amount further. Other dentists will not offer discount programs. That is okay, your Dental Difference Card can still be used to pay the dental bills. If you are interested in finding a provider that offers discounts, click here.

How do I know what my dentist will charge for services?

Before any treatment is performed, including preventative care like cleanings, x-rays, and exams, a dental office should provide a treatment plan with fees listed. Be sure to get a treatment plan with fees clearly listed to know the exact costs of your treatment. 

What if I have a dispute regarding my bill or treatment?

A. Resolving Disputes

Millions of people are provided with exceptional dental care and service at their dentist’s office on a daily basis. As patients we expect proper treatment and dentist look to provide what is expected. As with any consumer transaction, you may find yourself in a position that something was not quite right and as a result, a dispute occurs. When a dispute does occur, you do have options available to you as a patient to resolve them. 

  1. 1. Address the dispute directly with the dental office as soon as possible. Dental offices want to have happy patients and resolving disputes directly is the best-case scenario for both dental offices and patients. Think of it like resolving a dispute between any buyer and seller of goods/services. If you had a problem with a price or service at a local grocery store, you would probably let the manager know about it and find an amicable solution. This route of resolution is commonplace in a dental office whether someone has insurance or is paying with cash. 
  1. 2. If a dispute cannot first be resolved directly with a dental office, a patient should contact their state dental board. Every state in the United States has a Dental Board that is fully equipped to handle patient complaints and inquiries. State Dental Boards provide licenses to dentists to practice dentistry and take all consumer complaints/inquiries seriously. Resolutions of complaints/inquiries are handled expeditiously.  To find your state dental board, click here.

At the end of the day, you can always leave a review for the dental office to let others know of your experience. Sometimes challenges do arise and how those challenges are handled makes all the difference. 

Can I book an appointment through MyDentist Match?

Through MyDentist Match it is easy to send a dental office your request for an appointment time that convenient. When selecting a dentist on MyDentist Match simply click on the “Appointment Request” button and choose the days and time of day that’s best for you. Your request will be sent directly to the dental office. From there you will book directly with your dental office. If you don’t hear from them within 24 hours, call them directly. Dental office loves to schedule appointments to help you!

How can I leave a review for a dental office?

All reviews can be submitted through Google reviews with a google account.

What if my card is not working at my dental office?

Please contact the number on the back of your card and/or your HR manager.

What if I run out of funds on my benefit card?

Please contact your HR manager. You may pay any balances remaining at your dental office according to the office’s policies. 

What do I need to take to my dental appointment?

Please take your Dental Difference Card with you and anything else your dental office has asked you to bring. 


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