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The New Difference Health Plan: A Self-Funding Solution!

We are excited to launch our newest product in the suite of Difference Card products, The Difference Health Plan: A Self-Funding Solution! Moving from a fully insured health plan to a self-funded one can be daunting. It’s intimidating to take on the risk of full claim exposure. In this webinar we discuss everything you need to know about self-funding from cost-containment strategies, transparent pharmacy with 100% rebate share, integrating with consumer account on The Difference Card, stop loss protection with top rated carriers, and compliance management with The Difference Benefits Admin System.

Discover the New Difference Ben Admin System!

We are excited to launch our new Difference Benefits Admin System! In our new integrated tool, you will: Discover a better way to administer open enrollment, Meet DANNY, our benefits decision support guide, See our COBRA offering: easy administration + integrated with payroll, Completely streamline your Difference Card benefit administration with NO manual processes.

Healthy Habits & Health Insurance Webinar Series

The Difference Card is excited to launch a brand-new, 3-Part Webinar Series focused on creating a productive and healthy fourth quarter – both by generating new business AND by taking care of your mental wellbeing during a typically stressful season.

Cocktails & Competitive Health Insurance Webinar Series

In this unique webinar series with a twist, we start each webinar with a cocktail making demonstration and then dive into topics guaranteed to help Brokers win new business.

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