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Better benefits for public sector employees.

The Difference Card has a long-standing relationship working with public sector clients, such as townships, cities, boroughs, and government entities. We partner with public sector clients to create better health benefits that fit under state sponsored health plans.

We help them create the BEST employee benefit plans, while often saving the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Over the last 10 years, The Difference Card has saved public sector clients over $269 MILLION in healthcare expenses.

The average public sector client sees about 17% in savings annually, or around $3,467 per employee per year.

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What could your public sector client do with an extra $502,000 in savings?

We are proud of the $502,000 we have saved EACH public sector client on average.

$502,000 could provide a Municipal government with:

Total savings over 10 years $269,705,859
Average annual savings per organization $502,005
Average savings per employee per year $3,467
Average percent of savings per employee per year 16.9%


The Borough of Dunellen finds a way save on healthcare with The Difference Card

The Borough of Dunellen has partnered with The Difference Card to maintain a healthcare plan with robust benefits without increasing employee contributions or reducing the benefit package.

This borough is expected to save between $65,000 and $131,000 in their first year. Long-term savings are expected to reach up to $785,000 over the next five years.

Click here to read the full article here in NJ Cops Magazine.

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How we saved a municipality $1.4 MILLION in healthcare spend

In the first year of using The Difference Card, this municipality saved $1,480,658 off their health insurance costs.

By utilizing The Difference Guarantee insurance policy, the municipality was able to see a 30% reduction in their fixed insurance premiums for the 2023-2024 plan year.

They expect to continue to see savings with The Difference Card for their 317 enrolled employees for the upcoming plan year.

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Public sector health insurance plans have the highest average total premium cost per employee at 18.5% higher than the average group health plan. – UBA Benefits

How New Jersey Municipalities are using The Difference Card to save on healthcare

New Jersey townships and boroughs are saving money while staying on their state health plan benefits.

The Difference Card Strategy is saving New Jersey public entities an average of 24% off their health insurance.

In New Jersey, most public entities opt for one of three plans options that are significantly higher than the national average:

  • The Direct $10 Plan
  • The Direct $15 Plan
  • The Direct $20/$30 Plan

The Difference Card utilizes the more cost-effective NJ Direct $20 / $35 Plan, reducing the fixed monthly health insurance premium paid to the carrier.

Compared to the Direct $10 plan, there is -24% savings in fixed premiums.

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Interested in how The Difference Card could work for your Public Sector Client?

The Difference Card offers public sector groups an alternative to expensive State Health Benefit Plans through our unique benefit plan designs.

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