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Better benefits for educators.

The Difference Card has a long-standing relationship in working with Educators, Directors, School Boards, Teachers, Charter Schools, Private Schools, Public Board of Education, Universities, and Early Education Centers.

We help them create the BEST employee benefit plans for the teachers, while often saving the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Over the last 10 years, The Difference Card has saved educational institutions $184 MILLION in healthcare expenses.

The average school sees about 17% in savings annually, or around $3,500 per employee per year.

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What could your school district do with an extra $400,000 in savings?

We are proud of the nearly $400,000 we have saved EACH educational organization on average.

$400,000 could provide your organization with:
Total savings over 10 years $184,062,201
Average annual savings per school $392,456
Average savings per employee per year $3,506
Average percent of savings per employee per year 17%
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How we saved a private school over $1.3 Million in healthcare spend

In the first year of using The Difference Card, this private school saved $1,328,358 in health insurance premiums.

By moving this company to a Bronze Level options with Aetna, The Difference Card was able to reduce the fixed insurance premiums by more than 30% for this customer.

They expect to continue to see savings with The Difference Card for their 262 enrolled employees for the 23-24 school year.

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Better benefits can provide higher teacher retention rates

Teachers are leaving the profession at an alarming rate. According to the NASSAP, “In the United States, 8 percent of teachers leave the profession annually and more than 50 percent quit teaching before retirement.”

In fact, employee turnover across all industries is at an all-time high.

According to a survey by Joblist the top reasons for employee turnover were:

  • Lack of Work-Life Balance (13%)
  • Low Pay or Lack of Benefits (17%)
  • Unhappiness with treatment from employer during the pandemic (19%)

In a report done by Clutch, 55% of employees cited health coverage as the greatest driver of job satisfaction, followed by paid vacation (18%), overtime pay (11%) and retirement plans (10%).

Health benefits and health insurance coverage have proven to be a top benefit for retaining employees and attracting new talent.

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Teachers deserve a break

Health insurance premiums have been skyrocketing for everyone, but teachers are being hit especially hard.

According to Vox, “teachers are on average contributing nearly $1,500 more per year toward premiums, adjusted for inflation. It ends up costing teachers significantly more than other state and local government employees.”

Teacher salaries have stalled across the United States, exacerbated by the increase in health insurance premiums.

Using The Difference Card Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan Designs, employers can build custom health plans that offer rich benefits while reducing employee contributions- thus increasing salary and take-home pay for teachers.

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Employers can build custom health plans that offer rich benefits WITHOUT increasing employee contributions. This would create an increase in salary and take-home pay for teachers.

Interested in How The Difference Card could work for your school district or educational organization?

Organizations that prioritize healthcare benefits experienced 27% lower turnover.

The Difference Card offers educational organizations a competitive solution for attracting top talent and reducing employee turnover through our unique benefit plan designs.

Discover how The Difference Card can help your School District design a competitive health plan without increasing the cost for employers OR employees.

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