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Meet NFP

NFP is a leading property and casualty broker, benefits consultant, wealth manager, and retirement plan advisor.

They enable client success through the expertise of their professionals across the globe, investments in innovative technologies, and enduring relationships with highly rated insurers, vendors and financial institutions.

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Difference Card + NFP

Together we grow.

Together, we have achieved $47,119,556 in savings for NFP & Difference Card Clients.

By the numbers:

  • Serving clients together for 8 years
  • Our mutual client size ranges from 8 – 572 members
  • On average, we save NFP groups $3,228 per member
  • NFP groups can expect around $359,691 savings a year
  • We provide NFP groups with an average of 18% savings

Why we partner with NFP

We believe in the mission of our partners.

Holding themselves to the highest standard.

“We strive to do the right things – the right way – for our clients. We promote ethical behavior by providing employees access to best practices and resources that align with our respect for those who place their trust in us, while encouraging open and constructive dialogue throughout our community. Most of all, we work to continuously demonstrate our belief that in everything we do, ethics matter most.”

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Become a Producer Partner

We only partner with the best brokers, general agents and producers in the business.

We work together to deliver outstanding savings and service to our mutual clients.

This has allowed us to continue to build on 20 years of success where we have driven savings for every client that has ever used The Difference Card.

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We help you stand out.

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Our team of highly trained Sales and Retention Consultants have been helping producers grow their businesses for the past twenty years.

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