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Meet BenefitMall

BenefitMall gives brokers less of what holds them back and more of what makes them great—empowering them with a true General Agency experience to ensure their success.

Their next generation technology wrapped in best-in-class services offers brokers the expertise they can count on for seamless quoting to enrollment.

Their ultimate goal is to empower each broker partner to maximize their full potential and grow their business.

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Difference Card + BenefitMall

Together we grow.

Together, we have achieved $142 MILLION in savings for BenefitMall & Difference Card Clients.

By the numbers:

  • Serving clients together for 12 years
  • 75 Active Mutual Client Accounts
  • BenefitMall groups can expect around $301,838 savings a year
  • We provide BenefitMall groups with an average of 19% savings

BenefitMall Broker of the Month

Spotlight of the Month on Difference Card General Agent Partner, Michele Dilanni Gentile

Congratulations to Michele DiIanni Gentile, of BenefitMall, for being recognized as our Broker and General Agent Partner of the Month for November 2022!

Michele DiIanni Gentile is a Key Account Manager at BenefitMall in the New York market. Michele partnered with Emily Coughlin from The Difference Card team to help a nonprofit employer group with 700 employees reduce their healthcare costs by over $1.1 million dollars.

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Why we partner with BenefitMall

We believe in the company culture of our partners.

BenefitMall believes in doing the right thing.

“The BenefitMall team is passionate and driven—and we offer endless growth opportunities.”

Their core values are:

  • Collaborate to win
  • Innovate to simplify
  • Have the courage to grow
  • Earn trust with every engagement
  • Co-create a culture of inclusion

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purple producer badge

Purple Producer Status

BenefitMall is a preferred Purple Producer

Purple Producer Perks:

  • 50% set-up fee discount
  • Not blocked on dual activity
  • Dedicated Senior Account Manager for any group over 100 lives
purple producer badge

Are you an independent broker looking for the right general agent partner?

BenefitMall has helped hundreds of producers to differentiate their agency by bringing creative solutions, such as The Difference Card, to their agency.

In addition to the exceptional service that BenefitMall delivers, your brokerage firm would also receive the advantages typically reserved for the largest national producers.

To find out more about what BenefitMall can do for your agency, click the link below or contact Thomas Soumakis.

Thomas Soumakis
Sales Executive, Large Group
p: (516) 364-2622


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Become a Producer Partner

We only partner with the best brokers, general agents and producers in the business.

We work together to deliver outstanding savings and service to our mutual clients.

This has allowed us to continue to build on 20 years of success where we have driven savings for every client that has ever used The Difference Card.

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We help you stand out.

Want to learn more?

Our team of highly trained Sales and Retention Consultants have been helping producers grow their businesses for the past twenty years.

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