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Difference Card Products

For over 20 years, The Difference Card has been providing best-in-class service to our producers, employer groups and members. Our products help to reduce health insurance costs, while maintaining great benefit levels. In addition, The Difference Card solutions reduce the tax burden on both employers and employees.

Our Products & Services

Health Insurance Cost Reduction Solutions

Proprietary strategies that have helped employers to reduce their health insurance spend by 18% annually.

  • Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP): The administration of complex partially self-funded plan designs that combine multi-line benefits such as doctor’s office visits, urgent care, emergency room, hospitalization, surgery, mental health, pharmacy, dental and vision coverage.
  • The Difference Guarantee: Financial protection for our customers by capping their claims exposure and transferring risk to an A-rated insurance carrier.
  • Difference Card Wellness: Incentive-based wellness system to encourage healthy behaviors and drive down healthcare costs long term.

Tax Savings Solutions

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Who We Service

Employer Groups

Our employer groups know we’ll provide them with healthcare cost-savings, best-in-class benefits, and unmatched service for their employees. With only one phone number to call for all of your customer service needs, our employer groups know we make it easy for employees to ask questions and get the help they need.

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Who We Service

Strategic Broker Partners

Our Strategic Partners know we’re committed to helping them build their business. Our Sales Consultants will help our Partners select the best plan designs for their clients and they’ll be there every step of the way through the transition and enrollment period. The Difference Card only partners with best-in-class benefits brokerage firms.

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Who We Service


Employees know they can get quality health insurance plans from The Difference Card without reducing their benefits or increasing their out-of-pocket costs. Employees love The Difference Card because it saves them money and keeps them healthy by providing access to tools that allow them to search for the best provider in their network or find the cheapest prescription at the nearest pharmacy.


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