Legal Industry

Elevated benefits for legal professionals.

The Difference Card has a robust history of collaboration with law firms, legal clinics, attorney offices, legal treatment centers, and legal therapy practices. Together, we craft top-tier health plans tailored to meet the unique needs of their workforce.

We specialize in curating optimal employee benefit plans for legal organizations, frequently resulting in substantial cost savings amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars for the firm.

Over the last 10 years, The Difference Card has saved legal practices $64 MILLION in healthcare expenses.

The average legal client sees about 18% in savings annually, or around $3,484 per employee per year.

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What could your legal client achieve with an additional $210,000 in savings?

We take pride in the average savings of $210,000 for EACH legal organization we’ve partnered with.

$210,000 could provide a local Legal Aid Center to assist underserved communities with:

Ahorro total en 10 años $64,600,760
Ahorro medio anual por organización $210,482
Ahorro medio por empleado y año $3,484
Porcentaje medio de ahorro por empleado y año 18.7%


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How we saved a Law Firm $431,833 in healthcare spend

In the first year of using The Difference Card, this Law Firm saved $431,833 off their health insurance costs.

By utilizing our proprietary MERP (Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan) strategy, the Law Firm was able to see a 43% reduction in their fixed insurance premiums for their plan year.

They expect to continue to see savings with The Difference Card for their 90 enrolled employees for the upcoming plan year.

Más información

Law firms with 50-499 employees, that typically have fully insured plans – reported a higher average initial health insurance renewal rate of 7.5% for 2024. 

Types of legal industry clients we serve

The Difference Card has been collaborating with a wide array of legal institutions since 2001 to create distinctive benefit plans at a more competitive rate.

Algunos de nuestros clientes son:

  • Law Firms
  • Legal Aid Clinics
  • Mediation and Arbitration Centers
  • Intellectual Property Law Offices
  • Legal Education Institutions
  • Corporate Legal Departments
  • Public Interest Law Organizations
  • Family Law Practices
  • Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Real Estate Law Firms

Interested in how The Difference Card could work for your legal organization?

The Difference Card offers legal clients a competitive solution for attracting top talent and reducing employee turnover through our unique benefit plan designs.

Descubra cómo The Difference Card puede ayudarle a diseñar un plan de salud competitivo sin aumentar el coste para los empresarios O los empleados.

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