Traditional Dental Insurance is like Driving a Broken Car: Dental Difference is the Solution.

August 25, 2021

Question: Would you keep driving your car if you lost 40% of the gas each time you filled up your tank?

Answer: Of course you wouldn’t! You’d fix the problem or get a new car!

Typical Dental Insurance is Broken

Dental Insurance is just like this hypothetical vehicle you’re driving in the above scenario.

US employers are spending $65 Billion in dental premiums and each year they are losing $25 Billion, around 40% of those premium dollars. Those dollars never go to provide any care for employees. Selling dental insurance is like selling a broken vehicle.

Dental Insurance is not a dental benefit. Dental care - cleaning, exams, fillings- that is a dental benefit. It’s benefiting the individual receiving the care. Dental insurance is only a payment vehicle used to pay for the dental benefit and just like the hypothetical vehicle above, it’s broken.

Discover the Dental Difference

Watch the Video - Dental Insurance Myths: Dental Dialog with Dr. Dan.

However, a broken car losing 40% of its gas can be replaced with a much more efficient vehicle.

Every dental insurance company functions pretty much the same way. So, what choice do you have? None- until now.

Dental Difference is the Solution

Dental Difference has developed a more efficient way! We’ve fixed the broken vehicle that is dental insurance by getting get rid of the outdated model that hasn’t changed in over 30 years.

In The Dental Difference model, you get to fill up your tank, keep your gas, and only use the gas when you need it. Dental Difference allows you to only pay for services you need and if you don’t use those funds, they are recycled or rolled over into the next year.

Only pay for what you need! On top of that, you can use benefit dollars at any dental office and access saving on par with insurance company networks. Yes, this is the new reality! Only pay for what you need and save on care when you need it.

Watch the Video - In Office Dental Plans: Dental Dialog with Dr. Dan.

Brokers: Save Money AND Improve Benefits for Your Clients

The Dental Difference innovation allows employers to save money and improve benefits. How would it feel if employers knew they are currently wasting money on dental insurance, and you now have a much more efficient way to provide better dental benefits and save money?

Saving them somewhere between 30% - 40% is a big deal. You have a new car for them and their employees are going to love the way it drives!

If you are looking to increase your book of business, then Dental Difference is the game changer that can help you win and close new deals.

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