Spotlight Interview with CEO, Joe Donovan

Spotlight Interview with CEO Joe Donovan
March 28, 2023

Joe Donovan sits down with Medical Travel and Digital Health News for a deep dive on The Difference Card Joe Donovan met with Laura Carabello, the newsletter editor of Medical Travel & Digital Health News, to talk about the intricacies of The Difference Card and how it works to help employer groups reduce their healthcare […]

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Spotlight of the Month on Difference Card General Agent Partner, Ari Friedman

Broker of the month - Ari Friedman of BenefitMall
March 22, 2023

Congratulations to Ari Friedman, of BenefitMall, for being recognized as our Broker and General Agent Partner of the Month for March 2023! Ari Friedman is a Director of Business Development at BenefitMall in the New York market. Ari partnered with Emily Coughlin from The Difference Card team to help a 300-life employer group with in […]

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What could your non-profit do with an extra $350K a year?

Non-Profit Savings Infographic
March 9, 2023

Are your clients considered non-profit organizations? The Difference Card has a long-standing relationship in helping clients create the BEST employee benefit package for social workers, while often saving the employer hundreds of thousands of dollars. Over the last 10 years, The Difference Card has saved non-profit organizations over $123 MILLION in healthcare expenses. Read More Non-Profit […]

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March Case Study: Healthcare Agency Saves $320,125 on Renewal & Improved Benefits Using The Difference Card

Difference Card case study for healthcare agency saving $320,125 on healthcare renewal
March 6, 2023

Using our proprietary MERP (Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan) strategy, The Difference Card helped a healthcare agency create the most cost-effective healthcare plan for their March renewal. The client was receiving a 22.4% renewal increase from Blue Shield of Texas. This healthcare agency’s Health Insurance Broker engaged The Difference Card to help with a solution to […]

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Non-Profit Case Study Roundup

Nonprofit Case Study Roundup
March 6, 2023

How The Difference Card makes a difference for our non-profit clients Helping those that help our communities The Difference Card is honored to work with many non-profit organizations to help them improve benefits while reducing out-of-pocket costs for employees. We value the difference these non-profit groups make in their communities and are proud to serve […]

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