FSA Eligible Sunscreen with Skincare Benefits

August 3, 2022

Summer is in full swing and you’ve probably been enjoying the extra daylight, warm temps, and (hopefully) slower days. But sometimes swimming, time spent outdoors, and long walks with your dog can result in damage from the sun like skin irritation from sunburn, dry skin, or even uneven patches. So how do you take care […]

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August Case Study: Nonprofit Client Saves $242,154 Using The Difference Card

August 2, 2022

Using our proprietary MERP (Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan) strategy, the Difference Card helped a nonprofit client build the most cost-effective healthcare plan for their August renewal. The client was receiving a 55% renewal increase from Anthem. The firm’s Health Insurance Broker engaged The Difference Card to help with a solution to reduce this renewal and […]

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