Which Health Insurance Solution is Right for Your Client?

August 16, 2021

The Difference Card offers a wide range of products to fit any client’s needs.


Low Fixed Cost – Greater Savings (Uninsured)

Difference Card MERP | Percentage of Savings —  Lowest fixed cost MERP Solution. Difference Card’s fee will be a percentage of what the client saves. Skin in the game as fee is at risk. Client bears the risk if maximum liability is reached.  Best for clients who are not risk adverse.

Difference Card MERP | Standard Service Premium — Low fixed per employee per month administrative charge. Client bears the risk if maximum liability is reached. Greatest potential for savings. Best for clients who are not risk adverse.

Higher Fixed Cost – Less Savings (Insured)

Difference Guarantee — Financial protection for our customers by capping their claims exposure and transferring risk to an A rated insurance carrier. The Difference Card bears the risk if maximum liability is reached.  Claims in excess of the aggregate deductible will be reimbursed at the end of the plan year. Best for clients who are risk adverse.

Difference Guarantee — Monthly Cap — Monthly Cap Solution protects each month of claims exposure for the client. The client establishes an initial claims balance, then replenishes that balance up to a cumulative cap. Clients gain immediate access to their surplus (the amount not used to cover claims) while still limiting their annual claims exposure. Best for clients who cannot deal with month to month claim fluctuation, and who are risk adverse.


Low Fixed Cost – Tax Savings – Healthcare Solutions

Difference Card Health Savings Accounts  Triple tax-advantaged savings account with top-tier investment options for employees.

Difference Card Health Reimbursement Arrangements — An employer-funded notional account, which gives members access to a fixed annual amount to help pay for healthcare expenses.

Difference Card Flexible Spending Accounts — An employee-funded notional account that allows members to pay for healthcare expenses on a pre-tax basis.

Low Fixed Cost – Tax Savings – Dental Solutions

Dental Difference Dental Coverage at 100% without the restrictions of traditional networks or insurance plans.

Low Fixed Cost – Tax Savings – Consumer Solutions

Dependent Care Accounts Reimbursement for childcare, summer day camps and elder care expenses on a pre-tax basis

Commuter & Transit Accounts — Commuter savings solution to fund mass transit, ride sharing, and parking expenses on a pre-tax basis.

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