Difference Card Client Sees Success with The NEW Difference Benefits Admin System

May 17, 2022

May Case Study: The NEW Difference Benefits Admin System

A New York-based not-for-profit organization streamlines benefit administration with The Difference Benefits Admin System.

A Difference Card Client focused on the education, wellbeing, and development of vulnerable families across Metro New York was looking for a way to streamline and improve their benefit administration system so they could focus on their mission of creating brighter futures free from generational poverty.

Discover Our Benefits Admin System

This group was struggling with an outdated benefit system that was reliant on paper forms, required lots of manual input and intervention from their Human Resources Team. Due to the tedious process and heavy workload, they were experiencing accuracy issues with employee payroll deductions and enrollment with the insurance carrier.

As managing paper forms for over 1,000 employees was a daunting task, they decided to completely overhaul their current process and utilize The Difference Card’s Benefit Admin System.

The Difference Benefit Admin System was able to:

  • Set-up Continuous Online Enrollment for their employees
  • Seamlessly integrate with their payroll system, ADP
  • Connect and integrate with their health insurance carrier and The Difference Card
  • Support new hire, open enrollment and change of life events in the online system
  • Automatically administer COBRA by having the enrollment system automatically feed into the COBRA system
  • Give employees complete control over their healthcare decisions with DANNY Benefit Guide
  • Provide HR teams access to the HR Portal for data and reporting

Simplifying Life for HR

By implementing The Difference Benefit Admin System, they were able to completely get rid of all paperwork, automate everything from payroll to benefit elections, automate COBRA administration, and become more efficient by reducing redundancies in their HR department.

This organization also benefited from the online system since most of their employees work remote and were not able to easily manage the old manual system from their patient’s home or their home offices.

The HR Portal located within The Difference Benefits Admin System makes it easy for Human Resources or Benefit Specialists to manage employees, benefit plans, networks, employee communications and have access to custom reporting.

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