Introducing New Producer Partner Rules of Engagement for 2022

November 3, 2021

At The Difference Card, we value the strategic partnerships we form with our Brokers, General Agents, and Producers throughout the country.

Working together to deliver outstanding savings and service to our mutual clients has allowed us to continue to build on 20 years of success where we have driven savings for every client that has ever used The Difference Card. 

In an effort to recognize and reward the partnerships that have allowed our organization to thrive and grow, we created our Purple Producer Rewards Program.

Difference Card Broker Tiering Groups for 2022

This year, we are pleased to announce that we have added a new rewards tier to our program. 

Here are the three groups of Preferred Difference Card Partners for 2022:

1. Broker Partners
2. Purple Producers
3. Elite Purple Producers


Broker Partner Perks

Broker Partner perks include 25% setup fee discount and broker partner exclusivity where partners will not be blocked on dual activity. 

Purple Producer Perks

Purple Producer Perks include a 50% setup fee discount, exclusivity, a dedicated service team, and access to the Purple Producer council. 

Elite Purple Producer Perks

Elite Purple Producer Perks include a 100% setup fee discount, exclusivity, a dedicated service team, access to the Purple Producer council and Broker of Record protection. 

To see how you can qualify for any of the above Producer Partner Tiers, visit our Producer Partner Page for all the details. 

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