March Case Study: The Difference Card Improves Benefits for Michigan Manufacturing Company and Reduces their Healthcare Cost by Over $35,000!

March 7, 2024

This Elite Difference Card broker partner was looking for an innovative solution to help differentiate their agency in a competitive bidding process to win the business of a select manufacturing employer in Michigan. This metal foundry employer was dealing with high turnover and wanted to improve the benefits structure to improve their retention for the 30 enrolled employees in their health plan. The select producer worked with Jennifer Revell from the Difference Card to create the right solution for this employer. By improving the benefits and lowering the cost for the client, this Elite Agency was able to win this new account!

This employer was spending over $300,000 on their health insurance plan. Their current arrangement combined a traditional gap plan with UnitedHealthcare for their 30 employees. The gap plan was cumbersome for the employees to utilize, and the employer was looking for a more streamlined solution. The client also wanted to improve their benefit structure but did not have the budget to spend more with the insurance carrier.

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The Difference Card Mid-West Team worked with the consultant to reduce the fixed carrier premium by -29% worth over $88,000. After working through several funding options, the employer chose to reduce their in-network deductible to $0, which provided a big improvement in the employee out of pocket experience. After accounting for the reimbursements and administrative cost, the client was expected to save over $35,000. This client needed a cap on their liability, so worked with the Difference Card team of underwriters to implement the Difference Guarantee which was able to generate savings of over $22,000 annually guaranteed!

            “It was great helping this USI Select broker win this case, but it was as equally gratifying to help the members. When I met this employer group, they had a traditional gap plan in place, and everyone was frustrated.  The HR team was constantly involved in the claims process, the employees did not understand it and the provider community was equally disgruntled with the process. The owner’s goal was to make things easier on everyone.  We were not only able to help the group save money, but now the employees have an excellent plan, and it is so much simpler for them to utilize. We offered the employees a refresher meeting and they were happy to report, we didn’t need to come back out because the employees totally understand how to use The Difference Card in conjunction with their health plan.”

Jennifer Revell, Senior Consultant

The Difference Card helps employers in all industries, not just manufacturing, to save an average of over 18% on their health insurance costs, while often improving benefits and the experience for employees.

To learn how much The Difference Card can save you, find a consultant in your region or request a proposal today.

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