Meet our 2023 Difference Card Broker of the Year, Beth McLeod

February 9, 2024

Cup of Joe | Ep. 2 - February

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, this month’s Cup of Joe episode features Beth McLeod, from Alliant Insurance Services. In this episode, Joseph Donovan, the CEO of The Difference Card, engages in a captivating dialogue with Beth, celebrating her role as the ultimate matchmaker in the intricate world of employer-sponsored health insurance.

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Beth McLeod: The Cupid of Healthcare Solutions

Meet Beth McLeod, a go-to matchmaker when it comes to employer-sponsored health benefits, earning her well-deserved title as the 2023 Difference Card Broker of the Year.

In this episode, our CEO Joseph Donovan, celebrates Beth's accomplishment and her ability to navigate the complexities of healthcare solutions for her clients. As broker of of year, Beth has implemented the Difference Card for more customers in 2023 than any other insurance broker nationwide.

The Perfect Pair: Beth McLeod's Strategic Matchmaking with The Difference Card

Beth credits her success to the versatility of The Difference Card. She reveals how The Difference Card surpasses traditional cost-saving measures and is her secret weapon in meeting the various needs of her clients. From resolving administrative challenges to elevating customer service, The Difference Card empowers Beth to strategically tailor each plan design for her clients.

Furthermore, Beth highlights accountability as the key factor in The Difference Card's role as her go-to solution for her clients, saying that she appreciates The Difference Card’s commitment to keeping its promises and that turning challenges into opportunities shows authenticity.

"What makes the Difference Card so unique is that you do what you say you're going to do. It shouldn't be rocket science. But I come back to the Difference Card time and again because from the sales process to implementation to employee engagement - The Difference Card is just amazing with my clients and their employees. At the end of the day, I work for my clients- my clients know that my first priority is them and I think they feel that." – Beth McLeod

Finding Your Perfect Healthcare Solution Partner

As this episode concludes, Beth and Joe encourage readers to discover the multitude of solutions available, striving to find the perfect match when it comes to healthcare solutions for your clients.

Are you a client looking for the perfect employee benefits matchmaker? Connect with Beth McLeod on LinkedIn HERE or send Beth an email at

Or, are you a broker looking for the perfect healthcare solutions match for your clients? Request a free savings analysis today and see how The Difference Card can help you create a competitive advantage in an overcrowded market.

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