Difference Card Implementation Specialist Team

Meet the New Implementation Specialist Team!

August 11, 2023

The Difference Card is thrilled to announce a new team dedicated to ensuring a smooth and flawless implementation process for our clients and broker partners.

The Implementation Specialist Team works closely with our producer partners to drive an implementation process that is clean and consistent for every client, every time.

Using smart technology tools, the Implementation Specialist Team handles every detail from start to finish. Together with the Senior Consultant and Account Executive, this team supports the client to make sure they set-up for success from day one.

Meet your Implementation Specialists:

Andrea Giaco, Implementation Specialist at The Difference CardAndrea Giaco, Implementation Specialist

Andrea has been with The Difference Card for over 12 years! Andrea served as an Account Executive for many years before moving into the role of Implementation Specialist in 2023. During her time with The Difference Card, Andrea has become a familiar face for many clients. Her attention to detail and desire to delight our clients make her an excellent fit for this team.

“My goal is to ensure that our broker partners and their clients have a positive experience starting with their first touch point at The Difference Card. We want to give every client a world-class experience and that starts with the Implementation Specialist Team. I am thrilled to deliver this experience daily!”

- Andrea Giaco


Megan Kemp, Implementation Specialist at The Difference CardMegan Kemp, Implementation Specialist

Megan joined The Difference Card in February 2023 to fill the newly created Implementation Specialist Role. Prior to joining The Difference Card, Megan held the role of Implementation Specialist for nearly two years at national employee benefits administrator. She also served as an Implementation Lead and Implementation Analyst for four years with our long-time vendor partner, Alegeus. Her extensive background in implementation processes and up-beat attitude complete this dynamic team.

“I’m excited to see the impact we are making on a daily basis within the Implementation Specialist Team. Since we launched this new department, we have received nothing but great feedback from broker partners and their clients. I am excited to see where can go with the new process- the sky is the limit when it comes to delighting our clients!”

-Megan Kemp


What does the implementation process look like at The Difference Card?

Implementation begins with a kick-off call around 30-days prior to the Benefit Plan effective date. The Implementation Specialist Team will be on the call to lead the process and will guide the process from start to finish.

Graphic showing The Difference Card implementation process

We are thrilled to introduce this new team to our trusted partners and look forward to a productive end of year and Q1 2024!


The Difference Card Team

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