Now Available: A New HSA Investment Experience for Members

January 26, 2022

A New HSA Investment Experience for Members

The Difference Card delivers a new and modern approach to HSA investing that allows your employees to personalize their investment journey to fit their unique needs and experience level.

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Key benefits of our new investment solution

  • Deliver a unique HSA experience that supports your employees through all stages of healthcare transactions – spending, saving and investing.
  • Provide your employees with an integrated, modern HSA investment solution that not only allows them to manage their investments within the same portal they use to manage their HSA but also helps them understand the value of investing and work toward their long-term investing goals.
  • Whether your employees are new to investing and seeking a guided experience or seasoned investors looking to research and trade stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) available on the platform, you will be able to offer your employees an investment journey that is aligned with their individual needs.
  • HSA investment accounts are opened in real time, transactions are made in real time and account data is viewed in real time, which means your employees have full transparency into their assets and allocations.

What are the key features?

  • Three unique investment paths: Managed, Self-Directed and Brokerage.

Chart showing managed, self-directed and brokerage breakdowns for investments

  • Real-time trading: A full suite of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) traded in real time provides your employees with lower costs. When an employee’s balance exceeds $1000, they can immediately move assets into their investment account, rather than waiting the 24-48 hours that is common in other investment platforms.
  • Fractional trading: Employees can buy fractional shares of desired ETFs and stocks up to 8 decimal points (versus 3 decimal points at Schwab and TD Ameritrade).

Educational Opportunities

  • To ensure account holders have access to information about the benefits of investing their HSA funds and the options available to them, a comprehensive suite of digital tools and resources are available within The Difference Card benefit investment solution.
  • To access these tools and resources, account holders simply navigate to their HSA account summary page and click on ‘learn more about investments’.

Graphic showing the benefits of investing in an HSA

Empower your employees to work toward financial wellness

Get the most value out of an HSA

While an HSA is a fantastic tool to help save for current year medical expenses, did you know it also serves as a long-term savings vehicle? One of the key benefits of an HSA is the opportunity to grow your savings by investing your funds – helping to ensure your employees are prepared for future medical expenses, including those experienced in retirement.

Why should members invest?

  • Members can invest as much or as little as you want, they just need to maintain a $1,000 balance in your HSA cash account.
  • Members HSA investment earnings grow tax free, and they never pay income taxes on withdrawals for qualified medical expenses.
  • Members can move their investment funds back into their HSA cash account at any time to pay for qualified medical expenses.
  • Members can continue to invest their HSA funds even if you’re not eligible to make contributions to your account.
  • After age 65, members can use their HSA funds for non-medical expenses without paying a penalty – so their money is still accessible if they don’t end up needing it for medical care.

Maximize retirement savings

The earlier you start investing an HSA, the longer your money can work on your behalf and have the potential to compound returns. It’s better to start somewhere than to not start at all, even if you don’t have a lot of money in your HSA. Just getting started is the most important step – you can gradually adjust or increase the amount you’re investing over time.

Graphic showing investment growth for investing in HSA

Start investing today

Members who have yet to open up an investment account, can navigate to their HSA Account Summary and click the Investment button to get started.

Have questions?

Within your HSA Account Summary, click on Learn More About Investments to access a wide variety of educational tools and resources.

Click here to view an investment guide for members that describes how they can begin investing today.


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