Tips for using your Difference Card during the COVID-19 outbreak

April 15, 2020

FSA UPDATE: OTC drugs and medicines are now eligible for reimbursement without a prescription
OTC drugs and medicines are now eligible for reimbursement from your FSA Account without a prescription. In addition, menstrual care products are now considered qualified medical expenses. These changes are effective for purchases made after December 31, 2019. If you previously purchased OTC medicines or menstrual products after December 31, 2019, you can submit a request for reimbursement, along with your itemized receipt.

There will be a period when you cannot swipe the Difference Card to use your FSA funds for many of these purchases. The Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards (SIGIS) is actively working to add OTC medicines and menstrual care products to the list of expenses that are automatically approved for purchase with your Difference Card at the point of sale. Until these products are added, you may need to make purchases with another form of payment and submit a request for reimbursement, along with your itemized receipt.

We will notify you as soon as you are able to swipe your Difference Card to purchase these items.

You can also use your FSA funds to pay for qualified items that may offer relief, such as thermometers, steam inhalers and sinus rinses. Click here for a list of qualified products that may bring you relief.

Direct deposit is the fastest way to receive reimbursements
Because COVID-19 is such a fluid situation, there could be an impact on the postal system or mail-delivery timeframes. If your employer has the option available, please sign up for direct deposit to eliminate waiting for checks to arrive in the mail. Direct deposit is the easiest and quickest way to receive your reimbursement funds.

To sign up for direct deposit, log in to your account at
• Click MY BENEFIT CARD to navigate to the Benefit Portal.
• Click the Claims tab and select Reimbursement Preferences.
• Toggle to Direct Deposit.
• Enter your banking information and check the box to authorize direct deposit from The Difference Card.

Know how to access your funds
As more people shift to online healthcare goods and services, keep in mind that if you are unable to use your debit card for an eligible online transaction, such as purchasing a qualified item or paying a doctors’ bill, you can pay with your personal funds and submit a claim for reimbursement.

You can submit a claim to The Difference Card through our Online Portal or through the DC Mobile App. Review how to submit a claim to The Difference Card HERE.

Safeguard your online activity
Unfortunately, fraudsters may view this crisis as an opportunity to do harm. Not only have many people been impacted, but online traffic has also greatly increased. More than ever, be vigilant and follow these tips to protect your account from fraudulent activity:

  • Do not reveal your username or password to anyone
  • Do not respond to any email, phone or text inquiry asking for your personal or account information
  • Change your passwords periodically
  • Review account statements regularly and report unauthorized activity
  • Do not leave your computer or mobile device unattended when logged into your account.

tips for using your difference card during the covid-19 outbreak

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