New Year's resolution guide for 2024

A New Year’s Resolutions Guide for 2024

January 1, 2024

A Guide to Setting and Keeping Goals in 2023

With the New Year comes new beginnings and dedication to new resolutions, but studies show that approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. 

How to Sustain Your Resolutions?

To make your goals more sustainable, there are some tips you can implement into your routine.

Here are some tips to remember when setting your resolutions:

  1. 1. Look to change a specific behavior rather than a goal.

Research shows that when people committed to a resolution that was more specific than an abstract goal, they were more likely to achieve their resolution.

An example of this is with a weight loss related goal. An abstract goal would be “Lose Weight” while the specific goal would be “Work out on Tuesdays and Thursdays”.

  1. 2. Embrace any set backs and take them as learning opportunities – not failures. 

When trying to sustain your resolutions it is important to remember that set backs are normal. Instead of viewing them as failures we should view them as a path toward growth. Analyze what caused the set back and how you can adjust your course so that you don’t experience this set back again.

  1. 3. If one approach doesn’t work – change your method. Don’t give up! 

It is easy to throw in the towel after something doesn’t work the first time but you shouldn’t give up. Statistically there is a 50% chance of failure when trying something new. But it only takes one new approach to see success. So don’t give up, change your approach!

  1. 4. Break down your goals into small, achievable, behaviors. 

Research finds that when we break up our goals into smaller, more manageable goals we are more likely to achieve our goals.

An example of this would be creating a growing implementation plan for the year. If your goal was to lose weight, your goal for January would be to work out once a week and in February you increase this to two times a week. By implementing smaller goals, you are able to reduce burnout and more easily achieve the desired behavior.

What are Some Potential Resolutions? 

According to reports, the most common resolutions of 2023 were healthy eating and exercise. But, wellness oriented resolutions don’t always have to include an exercise and eating component. Here are some potential wellness related goals for 2024:

Sleep icon with pinGet More Quality Sleep

According to the Sleep Foundation, adults between 18 and 64 need seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Adults over 65 need 7 to 8 hours. Getting the recommended hours of sleep per night offers many benefits, such as a healthier heart, blood sugar regulation, stress reduction, inflammation reduction, memory improvement, and more.

By implementing a quality sleep goal as your resolution, you can reap the benefits that sleep quality provides. The Difference Card offers members the ability to track sleep and other goals using the progress tracker within the Wellintune Wellness Portal.

Meditation icon with pinMeditate for 10 Minutes a Day

Meditation offers several health benefits such as an 87% reduction in the risk of being hospitalized for coronary disease, a 50% reduction in the affects of insomnia, and a 60% improvement in anxiety levels. Start your meditation journey by watching our video on Guided Meditation.



Stretching icon with pinSpend 10 Minutes a Day Stretching

Stretching each day offers several health benefits such as circulation and posture improvement, back pain prevention, stress relief, and an increase in your range of motion. Start your stretching journey by watching our video on Seated Stretching.



Limit screen time icon with pinLimit Screen Time

Prolonged screen usage has negative affects on your health. Research shows that too much screen time can lead to obesity, sleep problems, chronic neck and back problems, depression, anxiety and lower test scores in children.



Drink more water icon with pin
Drink More Water

Water is an essential component within the human body so it makes sense that drinking more water is beneficial. The health benefits of drinking more water include: joint lubrication, better oxygen delivery to the body, improved body temperature regulation, better skin health, and more.



Want to learn more about Goal Setting?

Join our first webinar of the new year on January 18th where we will be discussing how you can create successful and effective goals.

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