Must-have FSA eligible products for your kids’ spring break

March 14, 2022

Must-have FSA eligible products for your kids’ spring break

As March gives way to April, it is officially spring and before you know it, your kids will be home from school for their annual spring break. This is typically a very busy week for most families, as they are beginning to enjoy the great outdoors, taking vacations and generally enjoying everything the new season has to offer.

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Before spring break arrives, make sure you are prepared for everything the week has in store! Here are a few smart Flexible Spending Account (FSA) eligible purchases to make before spring break!

  1. Sunscreen (Broad Spectrum, SPF 15+)

While the sun’s rays can be dangerous at any time of year, with the longer daytime hours and increased amount of time outdoors this spring, sun protection should be a major priority. Sunscreen is an FSA eligible expense provided that is SPF 15+ and broad spectrum, and products such as sun protection lip balmchildren’s sunscreen and mineral sunscreen are great options that can protect your family all day long.

  1. Acupressure Wrist Bands

Kids are far more likely to get car sick than adults, so if you’ll be traveling during spring break with your family, be sure to pick up a few acupressure wrist bands for your kids to wear along the way. These drug-free bands that are worn around the wrists provide light pressure to “acupoints” along the wrists that can help to reduce the likelihood of motion sickness.

  1. Neck Pillows

Can you never seem to find the right position to sleep in while traveling by car or plane? Worse yet, do you have neck pain or other chronic pain issues that make sitting for long periods of time unbearable? FSA eligible orthopedic neck pillows may be the perfect solution. These pillows stabilize the neck and shoulder muscles during periods of activity, and it can provide a comfortable sleeping position to avoid pain during long car and airplane trips.

  1. Bandages

With all of the time your kids will be spending outdoors this spring break, there’s a good chance a few bumps and bruises will happen along the way. If you have FSA funds to spare, pick up a box of Band-Aids for the whole family. This will allow you to quickly respond in the event of an emergency and every home with small children should be fully stocked with first aid supplies!

  1. Saline Spray

Spring also hails the arrival of allergy season, and whether you’re outdoors or your home’s windows are open, pollen levels can trigger a wealth of allergic reactions. Saline sprays are a must-have during allergy season, as they can clear out the nasal passages of allergens, mucous and other irritants to help you and your loved ones breath clearly all season long.

For everything you need to keep your family healthy year-round, rely on! We have the web’s largest selection of FSA eligible products to help you maximize the potential of your employee benefits!


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