Spotlight of the Month on Difference Card Broker Partner, Michael Pandolfo

March 19, 2024

Congratulations to Michael Pandolfo, of Alliant, for being named the Difference Card Broker Partner of the Month for March 2024! Michael Pandolfo is a Consultant for Alliant Insurance Services in their New York City, New York office.

Mike recently worked with Senior Consultant Richard Halpin from The Difference Card’s East Team to help a large health center to reduce their health insurance spend by over $700,000 on a guaranteed basis. This organization employees over 400 providers and was spending $5 Million on their health insurance program. After receiving a 9% renewal this year, Michael worked closely with the employer to find a solution that would not only reduce their costs, but also improve the benefit structure for their staff. Mike has been working with the Difference Card team for over 10 years, so he is skilled at navigating the carrier negotiation strategy required to get the best possible deal for his customer. Ultimately, he was able to get this employer to a -5% decrease versus their current cost which was an overall -14% savings versus their final renewal. In addition to the cost savings, Michael was able to improve the benefits for this employer using the Difference Card strategy. Since this employer was a non-profit, they were very budget conscience and wanted to avoid any monthly fluctuations in spend. The Difference Guarantee Monthly Budget solution was the perfect fit to guarantee savings and limit any cash flow exposure for this employer.

Michael Pandolfo has been in the employer group health insurance industry for over twenty years. After starting his career in financials services, Mike moved to the Camps Group as their Vice President of Employee Benefits. The Camps Group partnered with Alliant almost ten years ago and Michael has been an integral part of their New York Operation. Alliant Employee Benefits is the most progressive broker in the industry. Mike has helped hundreds of employers across the country to purchase healthcare in a more cost-effective way, while delivering exceptional benefits for their staff.

For more information about Alliant, connect with Michael on LinkedIn.

Connect with Michael

The Difference Card is a multi-year strategy that helps employers in all industries to save an average of 18% off their health insurance costs, while often improving benefits for employees.

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