Difference Card sales team is growing from coast to coast

Our Team is Growing!

May 10, 2023

The Difference Card continues to expand the Sales Team to support nationwide growth.

Exciting things are happening at The Difference Card! From promotions to new hires, let’s break it all down for you.


The East Coast Team


Ashley Dube has been promoted to Senior Director of East Markets. With this promotion, Ashley will now oversee the entire East Coast, from Maine to Florida, as Senior Market Director. She currently leads a team of ten senior sales consultants that work with strategic broker partners throughout the East Coast territory.

Since her start with The Difference Card in 2015, we’ve seen Ashley grow from a Senior Sales Consultant to the Northeast Market Director in 2020. In 2022, Ashley was responsible for coaching the number one salesperson nationwide at The Difference Card.

This mindset for growth and the ability to achieve it at such high levels, makes Ashley a perfect fit for the Senior Director of East Markets position. We are excited to see her replicate her success all along the East Coast.

Laura Gelnett has been promoted to Senior Consultant of New England. Laura will now be responsible for new business production in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, taking over for Ashley Dube. Laura should be a familiar face to many Producers in New England as she was recently in charge of renewals as a Difference Card consultant since 2018.

New Hires:

Brian Mulvey joined The Difference Card as Senior Consultant for Upstate New York on May 1. Brian comes to The Difference Card from MVP Health Care where he served as the Senior Director of Large Group New Sales for over five years. Brian’s deep expertise in employee benefits makes him a great fit to continue growing our Upstate New York Market.

David Skinner is fairly new to The Difference Card Team, joining in October 2022 to serve the Southeast Florida market. David also covers Georgia and Alabama. Before joining The Difference Card, David worked with Mercer as a Principal and Purchasing Power as a Regional Sales Director. David is bringing his years of experience in the industry to Benefit Consultants across the Southeast.

Familiar Faces:

Gus Belo is Senior Consultant for The Difference Card in New Jersey. Gus joined The Difference Card as a Senior Consultant in 2021. Gus recently a NJ Municipality save $1.4 million on renewal.

Emily Coughlin Molloy represents the New York market. Emily has been with The Difference Card since 2014 when she joined the team as an Account Executive. Shortly after that, she was promoted to Renewal Consultant.  In 2020, she was promoted to Senior Consultant and was named top nationwide salesperson across the entire organization for 2022. In April, Emily helped a private school save $1.3 Million on renewal while improving benefits for teachers.

Oldemar Da Silva represents the Southeast market covering Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Oldemar joined The Difference Card in 2020 and recently helped a university save $176K on renewal by using The Difference Card MERP strategy.

Richard Halpin joined The Difference Card in 2017 as an Underwriting Consultant. He quickly rose in the ranks and became a Senior Consultant in 2022 representing the New York Market. In January, Richie helped a technology client save nearly $1 million on their healthcare renewal.

Liam Hickey is a Senior Consultant that joined The Difference Card in 2015 as an Account Executive. Liam has represented the New York Market since 2021. He helped a law firm save $431K on their health insurance renewal cost while also improving benefits offered to employees.

David Lauritzen represents the Mid-Atlantic region serving the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore areas. He joined The Difference Card as a Senior Consultant in 2021. Dave helped an education client build the most cost-effective healthcare plan for their July renewal and saved them $237K while keeping the plan HSA qualified.

The West Coast Team

Josh Pyzik continues his role as Senior Director of West Markets. Josh was promoted to Senior Director of West Markets in 2020 and currently manages a team of five Senior Consultants from Chicago to California.

Josh joined The Difference Card team in 2012 as a Senior Consultant in the Greater Chicago area. In 2016, Josh was promoted to Midwest Market Director where he launched new markets such as Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

In 2022, Josh was responsible for leading two of his Senior Consultants to the second and third top sales positions nationwide.


Lee Bowers has been promoted to Senior Consultant of Illinois. Lee joined The Difference Card in 2019 where he served as a Renewal Consultant for the Midwest Market. With his promotion, Lee will handle all new business of Illinois, including Greater Chicago.

New Hires: 

Mark Wylie is new(ish) to The Difference Card joining us a year ago in June 2022. He represents the emerging Difference Card market Texas. In March, Mark helped a healthcare agency save $320K on their health insurance renewal for 206 enrolled employees with Blue Shield of Texas, while also improving benefits.

Familiar Faces:

Scott Bezanson represents the Northern California region an joined The Difference Card in 2020. In February, Scott helped a non-profit client save $1.2 Million on their health insurance renewal cost while also guaranteeing that savings with The Difference Guarantee.

Jennifer Revell in Senior Consultant for Indiana and surrounding markets. She was named the number three top performing sales person for 2022. Jennifer joined The Difference Card in 2017 and has been in the top 3 sales performers for x out of 5 years. Jennifer helped an employer group with over 200 employees in the Kentucky market reduce their renewal by -18.2%.

Michelle Ronan has served the Southern California region since 2021 as a Senior Consultant. In October, she helped a higher education employer group with over 200 employees reduce their healthcare costs by over $900,000.

Rachel Wilburn started as a Senior Consultant for The Difference Card in 2016 and represents the Greater Pittsburgh region. In 2022, she was recognized as the number two sales consultant nationwide and has been a top sales performer for x of the last 7 years. Rachel recently helped an Employer Group with over 400 employees in the Pennsylvania market reduce their health insurance renewal by over $700,000 in the past two years.

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