Over $1 Billion in Savings for Our Clients!

February 8, 2022

The Difference Card celebrates a major milestone by hitting $1 Billion in total savings through reduced healthcare spend.

Difference Card Celebrates Over $1 Billion in Savings for Clients

The Difference Card kicks off 2022 with bang! The team is excited to be celebrating the impressive milestone marking $1,162,970,370 saved for our clients through reduced healthcare premium spend.

The Difference Card delivers a unique healthcare solution by offering a Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP) that allows employers to maintain a rich level of benefits for their employees, without increasing employee contributions or reducing their benefit package.

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On average, we help employers to reduce their health insurance spend by 18%. These savings are often reinvested into the employee benefits plan and used to lower employee out-of-pocket costs.

Since 2001, The Difference Card has provided custom health benefit plans for employers, allowing them to save on the health insurance spend.

Employer Savings Results By The Numbers

The last 6 years of our health insurance savings solution has resulted in $3,000 of savings per employee per year.

Year PEPY Percent of Savings
2021 $3,341 18.9%
2020 $3,095 18.5%
2019 $2,696 16.3%
2018 $2,352 16.5%
2017 $2,010 17.1%
2016 $2,150 17.9%
2015 $2,354 18.9%


Our Top 10 Clients see MAJOR savings over the years

Top 10 Client Description Annual Savings % Largest Annual Savings Amount
1 New York Non Profit Community Center 26% $6,073,795.33
2 New York Non Profit Social Service Organization 39% $4,531,028.00
3 City in New Jersey 22% $4,155,514.23
4 California Healthcare Center 39% $3,290,879.10
5 New York Non Profit Social Service Organization 29% $3,170,390.85
6 Florida Defense Department Manufacturer 31% $3,013,88.62
7 New York Healthcare Research Organization 23% $2,860,344.12
8 New York Hospital System 32% $2,836,232.58
9 New York Non Profit Health Services Organization 25% $2,662,977.98
10 North Carolina Technology Company 23% $2,590,567.75


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Take a peek at this case study to see exactly how we design each plan customized to our clients needs to reduce fixed insurance premiums.

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