Announcing Our Partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation

January 18, 2023

The Difference Card is committing to a sustainable partnership for the future. Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the health of our planet. And while it will take many solutions working together to make a difference, trees are a proven, natural approach that can be implemented quickly to pull carbon dioxide out of the […]

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52 Motivational Quotes for HR

January 17, 2023

A recent Gallup study shows that Employees work 20% better when motivated and are 87% less likely to resign. Motivated Employees are found to continuously search for ways to improve productivity and ensure efficiency within the workplace. The same study found that highly engaged teams see an increase in profitability by 21%. Here at The […]

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A New Year’s Resolutions Guide for 2023

January 3, 2023

A Guide to Setting and Keeping Goals in 2023 With the New Year comes new beginnings and dedication to new resolutions, but studies show that approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail.  How to Sustain Your Resolutions? To make your goals more sustainable, there are some tips you can implement into your routine. Here are […]

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Discover Difference Card Doorbuster Savings

November 15, 2022

On average, savings for Black Friday ranges from 5 to 25%. Here at The Difference Card, we believe in saving our clients money on their health insurance spend, but can we beat 25% savings? We decided to take a deep dive into some of our favorite case studies to see the savings we were able […]

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Difference Card Digest: Looking Back at Q3

November 8, 2022

Quarterly Updates from The Difference Card Meet the New CEO of The Difference Card! In September, we welcomed Jospeh Donavan to The Difference Card to serve as Chief Executive Officer. Read his Welcome Letter Featured Case Studies Every month, we highlight an industry that achieved great savings with The Difference Card. Auto Group Client Saves $334,397 […]

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Attracting Top Talent & Reducing Employee Turnover with Better Benefits

October 17, 2022

The #1 driver of retention is benefits. Executives share the top three factors that are driving employee retention at their company: 1. 34% said benefits were most important factor 2. 31% said a “Strong sense of culture” 3. 29% said “Belief in the senior leadership team” Other responses included: Career mobility (21%), Salary (17%), and […]

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How to Increase Employee Engagement Through Benefits Technology

October 11, 2022

Through Benefits Technology It’s no secret that employee benefits can be complicated — for both the employee and employer. Between health insurance enrollment, costs, selecting benefits and completing forms, it’s no wonder many employees are less engaged with benefits overall. As an employer, it’s important to know how to explain benefits to employees so they […]

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A Letter from the New CEO of The Difference Card

October 5, 2022

Benefits are in my blood. I have done one thing in my entire 20-year career and that’s employee benefits. I have worked for an insurance carrier, an insurance broker, and for The Difference Card. So, for better or worse, healthcare has and always will be, a deep part of my identity. I don’t have to […]

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Top 10 Tips for Open Enrollment That Can Make a Big Difference

September 20, 2022

Open Enrollment is a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be. By armoring yourself with open enrollment tips and tools you can tackle your upcoming benefits enrollment like a champion.   1. Plan Ahead of Time When it comes to Open Enrollment it is best to start planning early. By creating a renewal timeline […]

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Difference Card Digest: Looking back at Q2

September 12, 2022

Quarterly Updates from The Difference Card Introducing The Difference Health Plan! You asked and we delivered! We are excited to announce our new self-funded health insurance solution for small to mid-sized businesses! Read the latest blog post HERE to learn all about the product AND sign up for our webinar on September 22 at 4PM […]

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